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Dr Mark Flynn

Dental Surgeon GDC No: 84270
B.A. , BDentSc (Hons, Dublin)

Mark is one of our longstanding general dentists.  He practises all areas of dentistry, including implants and cosmetic treatments, and has a special interest in bonding technology and particularly its application in restoring teeth without the need for removal of healthy tooth structure.

This pioneering technology has revolutionized what it possible in dentistry and can be used for everything from simple fillings, to veneers and full mouth reconstructions.

After graduating in 2003 Mark worked for several years in conventional dentistry, using crowns and bridges and traditional filling materials, but became frustrated with what he saw as the limitations in these approaches.

“We know that what many people dislike about coming to the dentist is the drill”, he says.  “Since the inception of modern dentistry, when dentists began to fix teeth instead of pulling them out, much of what we do has been dictated by the materials we use.  Dentists needed to remove a certain amount of healthy tooth structure to make room for the fillings, to make crowns stay in place and not break, etc.  Bonding technology has changed all of that.”

Having discovered some of the ways in which pioneering techniques and new materials were being used to overcome some of the challenges in modern dentistry, Mark embarked on a journey, studying with some of the world’s leading experts in this field, and became a devotee of this approach.

“I believe this is where the future of restorative dentistry lies,” Mark says.  “Teeth that previously would have been considered hopeless can now be beautifully rebuilt; cosmetic makeovers that surpass anything previously seen can be achieved without having to destroy healthy tooth structure; we can do full mouth reconstructions in some cases without needing a drill.  And we are still constantly finding new ways to put this technology to use.”

Innovations, such as the 3D scanner we’ve introduced to replace impressions, mean that the quality and scope of what we can do with this technology at CGDP will continue to improve.

Outside of dentistry Mark’s interests include playing the piano and cycling.  He is also a qualified yoga teacher.  He has a longstanding involvement with the charity Bridge2Aid and has made many trips to Tanzania to train healthcare workers in emergency dental care.

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