17 April 2020

In line with the latest clinical advice for England all dental services are suspended in dental practices including emergency dental treatments.

If you have an inquiry or an urgent dental problem please email us at and a member of our team will contact you in due course.

We provide a remote urgent care service, providing telephone triage for our patients with urgent needs during usual working hours, and whenever possible treating with advice, analgesia and antimicrobial means where appropriate.

If the patient’s condition cannot be managed by these means, then they will need to be referred to the appropriate part of their Local Acute Dental Service.

For useful dental care advice please check our practice blog page.


25 MARCH 2020

Welcome to the Covent Garden Dental Practice.

Over the past four weeks we have closely followed all Government Guidelines and have taken numerous measures to keep both our patients and staff safe.  We are pleased to report that to date none of our staff or patients that have visited the practice in the past month have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

However, in response to COVID-19 pandemic and to help halt the community spread of the virus we have temporarily suspended routine dental services from Monday, 23rd March 2020.

This is to protect both our patients and staff.

If you have an inquiry or an urgent dental problem please email us at and a member of our team will contact you in due course.

If you have an out of hours emergency please call 020 7486 1047 for an independent emergency service.

Please check this page  for regular updates.


20 MARCH 2020

Dear Patient,

Re: COVID-19 – Coronavirus

We understand and share concerns that patients may have about the new Coronavirus. The staff and
clinicians at our practice take our responsibility to protect your health seriously. With this in mind, we would like to inform you about the additional measures we are taking to ensure your safety, which is in addition to our already high standards of cross infection control as a CQC compliant and registered practice (CQC Inspection Report):

1. Following the outbreak, we have carried out an in-depth risk assessment and have further
enhanced our rigorous cross infection and decontamination protocols throughout the
practice. These include screening patients before their arrival for any symptoms, conducting
more extensive surgery cleaning and decontamination procedures between patients’
appointments and thorough decontamination of the practice as a whole at regular intervals.
We also endeavour to see patients on time to reduce the number of patients in our waiting
room to a minimum.

2. We hold daily briefings with all our staff members to update them and reinforce these
measures. All our staff are aware of their need to self-isolate and not attend work even if
only exhibiting minimal symptoms. In addition, we have taken the step of screening all staff on arrival. Upon your arrival, you will be screened for your temperature and will be offered antibacterial handwash and gel.

3. We advise any patients who feel unwell or are displaying symptoms not to attend the surgery, but to talk to one of the clinicians for further advice.

Your safety is our main concern and we will continue to monitor the situation and stay up to date with current guidelines on minimising risk daily. Please be assured that, with the actions we are taking, we are ensuring that CGDP remains as safe a place to visit as possible during this time.

If for any reason you feel uncertain about coming to your appointment and would like to discuss this further please, let us know and your dentist or a team member will discuss your care with you
individually over the telephone to help and reassure you or rearrange your care for you.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the practice for further
details on 020 7836 9161 or email

Yours sincerely,

Aida Mujan
Practice Manager
The Covent Garden Dental Practice

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“… The staff mix extremely high levels of professionalism with a calm, relaxed and very friendly welcome… worked wonders to fit me in… specially arranging for a dentist to come in before normal opening hours to accommodate a patient…” – Patient


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