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4 reasons why you shouldn’t skip your dental check up

8th March 2016

Other than people who have regular dental issues, many people tend to skip the 6-month check up, as they may think that their oral health is fine, due to not feeling any pain. However, it’s vital that you do keep up with these check ups for your overall well-being & here are 4 reasons why:

1. Keeping a record of changes

On every dental check-up, your dentist will keep a record of any changes that may have occurred since your last visit. These are documents, so it can help us to predict how your oral health will be in the next year or so. Again it also enables us to spot any early signs of dental deterioration.

2. Spotting potential problems

You may think you’re oral health is fine, if you don’t feel any pain or discomfort, but your dentist can see the first signs of a problem, before you notice it! Your dentist will be able to hopefully nip the problem in the bud, and suggest the right form of treatment straight away. However, if it’s left unspotted, then it could lead to bad oral health issues.

3. Prioritising Issues

As we keep a record of everything going on in your mouth, it helps to us prioritise different treatments according to how urgent the issue is, so we can either suggest a preventative measure or some form of treatment.

4. Getting the most from your check-up

Dental check-ups are your time to find out more about how to take care of your teeth, ask any questions that may be bothering you and learn more about the treatment you may be undergoing. We are always friendly and willing to explain your treatments until you are 100% happy and you fully understand the situation.

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