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Can I really expect to receive pain-free dental treatment at your practice?

We are frequently complimented by our new customers on how quick, easy and painless our treatments are. This does not happen by accident. Of course we use local anaesthetic but in order to minimise the initial injection we use the finest needles available together with a painless topical spray which numbs the area and makes the needle painless. We take pain relief and your sense of comfort very seriously and we think you will be very pleasantly surprised by the quality of our care. We aim to provide 100% pain-free dentistry calmly and comfortably.

Can I get seen today/tomorrow? What about Emergencies?

We always endeavour to see registered patients suffering serious pain within 24 hours. Where possible we will also see casual unregistered patients. We set aside time  during each day for dental emergencies; please call us as early as possible to book an appointment.

We also have a 24/7 call-out service for out-of-hours emergencies. Please call 0765 911 6699 or our regular office number. The cost for this service is a £200 call-out fee plus our standard treatment charge.

Do you do Botox and other facial aesthetic treatments?

Yes we do. We offer a range of facial aesthetic treatments. Click on wrinkle treatment (Botox®), fine lines (Restylane™),  skin care (“Dr Levi & Obagi”).

Why should I have whitening treatment with a dentist?

Dental professionals  prescribe the safest and most effective whitening agents that can be used on teeth.  Not everybody is suited to teeth whitening which is why it is important to undergo an initial consultation with a dentist first.

We possess a suitable licence to use materials that are safe for teeth which other cosmetic licences cannot purchase. Since there are various potential complications that may occur during the whitening procedure in addition to the risks of cross-infection, our dentists & hygienists are all fully equipped and skilled to provide this treatment safely and effectively in a safe environment within a dental practice setting.

Do you offer special dental finance arrangements?

We offer a range of finance options including one which is interest-free for up to 12 months.

Reason for regular attendance

NICE guidelines recommend that all patients should be regularly recalled to attend their dental check-ups to maintain a good standard of oral health. The main reason for this is that tooth decay and mouth cancer are not easily detectable; visiting your dentist when you are in pain is more likely to result in complex treatments, and ultimately considerably higher costs. Therefore regular check-ups are vital in order to prevent or offset early interventions and thereby reduce long-term treatment costs.