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Smile through wedding season

26th May 2016

One thing we love about this time of year is the warmer weather and what it brings us…weddings! We can’t get enough of the gorgeous dresses, stunning locations, wedding food etc…that’s just attending weddings. We know that this is merely half of the excitement all brides-to-be feel, mixed with the stress of getting everything in order – the dress, the venue, your teeth. Whether you’re a guest, bridesmaid or a blushing bride, here’s how to ensure your smile is picture perfect on the big day:

Have regular appointments with the hygienist

Throughout the time you’re engaged, its best to have regular appointments with our lovely hygienist, Nick Hodegetts to keep your teeth in the best condition with a scale & polish.

Keep up your oral health

With your regular hygiene appointments, make sure to also keep up with your oral hygiene with daily flossing and twice a day brushing with fluoride toothpaste.

Visit the dentist

With plenty of time left until the big day, make sure to visit the dentist to take care of any cracks or chips that you may feel self conscious about or even talk to us about the possibility of straightening your teeth, with treatments we offer, such as Invisalign etc.wedding

Get those pearly whites, white

If you’re thinking about tooth whitening for the big day, remember that dentists are the only ones who are able to legally perform whitening safely. Don’t put your oral health at risk! Book here!

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