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Keeping your toothbrush clean

6th June 2016

No matter how well your oral hygiene is, if the toothbrush you’re using is overrun with bacteria, mold & decaying food particles, it’s very hard to have good oral health & fresh breath. Therefore using a clean toothbrush in a good condition is essential, so we have highlighted some key tips to ensure that your brush is in the best state it can be:

1. Keep your toothbrush in it’s own holder and don’t share with anyone else to avoid cross-contamination.

2. Did you know, flush particles from the toilet can travel up to 6 feet! So to avoid ‘potty mouth’ keep your toothbrush away from the toilet or in a closed bathroom cabinet!

3. Don’t store your brush in a closed cap container, as bacteria thrive in a moist setting.

4. We know the drill; it’s Monday morning, you’ve overslept and you’re already late for your meeting. Therefore you think up a genius plan to kill two birds and brush your teeth whilst in the shower! Although you may think you save time, you compromise your hygiene. Never do this, as bacteria from the water can spread to your brush and mouth, making it extremely unhygienic.

5. Never place your toothbrush in the microwave to sanitize it. The heat damages your brush and doesn’t disinfect it.

6. It may seem obvious, but never ever share a toothbrush…no matter how close you are to the other person!

7. Always replace your toothbrush every 3 months, as the bristles become frayed and aren’t as effective & after an illness, as bacteria can stay in the bristles and can cause re-infections.

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