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How to look after your teeth while playing sports

21st June 2016

With the Euro, Wimbledon & Olympics coming up later this summer, everyone seems to be getting into the sporty spirit and playing football or tennis this summer. Although it’s great for your body & health to be outdoors and active, it’s also important to remember to look after your teeth. You may have won your the tennis tournament, but the last thing you want to come away with this summer is a knocked out tooth!

Wear a mouthguard at all times…

…obviously only while playing sports, not just randomly during the day! Whether you have braces or not, it’s very important to protect both your brace & your teeth whilst you play. A mouthguard is a pliable shield that fits over your teeth & protects them by cushioning anything that hits your teeth with force, preventing your teeth getting knocked out or chipped.

Make sure to look after your mouthguard properly, by rinsing it with cold water before and after each use and/or cleaned with a toothbrush. Occasionally wash the mouthguard thoroughly in soapy water and place in a container to store or transport it. Avoid using hot water to wash your mouthguard, as this can distort its shape.

Avoid drinking an excess amount of energy drinks

We know that it’s important to keep your energy levels up when playing a game of tennis, but try to limit your consumption of sports/energy drinks. They are extremely high in sugar and are also acidic, which means they can erode away the enamel and cause tooth decay. For a healthier option, try diluting your sports drink with water or just drinking a bottle of plain water after your game.

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