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4 in-flight oral hygiene tips

2nd August 2016

It’s August and it seems that everyone and their cat are jetting off to a lovely beach resort somewhere & making the rest of us stuck at our desks extremely envious of their yet another ‘hot dogs or legs’ picture by the pool! If you’re one of these lucky people planning a trip somewhere far-far away, or got a big business trip planned, these in-flight travel teeth tips are great to make sure you avoid ‘plane breath’ – yep, you know what we’re talking about!

Tip 1: Pack wisely

Get organised a few days before your trip and write a checklist, one for your main luggage and another for your carry-on bags. If you’re heading some far and exotic, chances are the flight will be a long one, so pack a disposable toothbrush, mini toothpaste and some floss with you, so you can freshen up and brush your teeth on the plane. Make sure to use a toothbrush container that is large enough to provide air circulation for ventilation and to avoid bacteria breeding in the moist conditions.

Tip 2: Switch the in-flight tipple for water

Ever noticed that your skin feels really dry on a flight? That’s because of the environment on board, as the air is very dry and can make you dehydrated. Drink plenty of water on the flight to help you feel and stay fresh, and skip the alcohol and fizzy drinks as they will leave you with that layer of plaque on your teeth and dehydrated.

Tip 3: Snacks-on-a-plane

We know that the plane pretzels and the other snacks the airlines offer are tempting, but they also can also leave you with that gritty feeling of plaque for the remainder of the 12-hour journey. Therefore pack your own healthier snacks; think sliced apples, string cheese etc!

Tip 4: Gum at the rescue

Airplane toilets aren’t the most glamorous, we know. So if you can’t bare to spend 2 minutes in the loos to brush your teeth, or if you forgot to put the toothbrush in your carry-on, buy some minty sugar-free gum at the airport and have a piece after each meal. The gum not only freshens your breath (much to your neighbour’s delight & relief!) but also collects the food particles stuck on your teeth to help you maintain a clean dental profile.

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