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The Night Out Survival Guide – Oral Health Edition

26th August 2016

The night tube is here and although for some of us, this can mean getting home easily after a night out, for others it also robs us of the ‘sorry I have to catch the last train’, excuse out of after work drinks in Shoreditch. Oh well, the days of the night bus and blabbering on about your ex to your Uber driver are over, which means that your weekends will consist of many more nights out!

Therefore we put together a night out oral health survival guide so, you will still have a relatively healthy set of teeth by the end of the night:

1. Try to avoid stains on your pearly whites

If your drink is red wine and red wine only, beware, as over time it can stain your teeth. This happens because teeth are porous and absorb the dark coloured wine. Come and see our hygienist regularly for a clean and stain removal and brush with teeth whitening toothbrush.

2. Let water be your last night

This tip isn’t just for your teeth but also to help reduce the hangover the next day…you’ll thank us later! Make sure to have lots of water after your night out to help wash away the acid and plaque build up from the sugar in the drinks.

3. Sip the Sangria through a straw

We all appreciate having a cocktail that tastes fruity, sweet and delicious, however, cocktails have very high amounts of sugar in them! For example a Cosmopolitan has 17g of sugar in it! Shocking, we know, but a simple way to reduce the contact between the drink and your teeth is to just sip it through a straw.

4. Always brush after a night out

We know its very late (or very early in the morning) but no matter what time you get home, always remember to brush your teeth, at least 45 minutes after your last drink.

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