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The A-Z of dental implants

18th October 2017

Many people are cautious of dental implants and some may sway towards other treatment options, for example dentures, due to lack of confidence or knowledge about implants. However, if you suffer from missing teeth or loose dentures and are unable to smile with confidence, socialise, eat and enjoy your food, dental implants are a fantastic solution and something to think about. Here is our A to Z and everything you need to know about dental implants.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a highly realistic, replacement tooth root, which is a small titanium rod that is positioned into the jawbone beneath the gum line and is used to hold a replacement tooth, crown or bridge. Over time the bone and implant bond together, forming a strong and permanent base. Implants look and feel very natural and they enable you to eat, speak and smile with confidence.

Why would I get dental implants?


Some people who have experienced tooth loss by injury, tooth decay or gum disease may feel less confident socially if they are constantly hiding their teeth or reluctant to smile. With dental implants that look exactly like natural teeth, you can preserve your quality of life and enjoy time with friends and family without feeling self-conscious about your teeth.


You can enjoy your food

With tooth loss you might find that you have trouble eating some of the food that you love, whereas with implants, you can enjoy food without any discomfort or trouble.

They are permanent

Much like your natural teeth, implants will last as long as you look after them. This means they are a great investment in your smile and you don’t need to worry about replacing removable dentures.

The treatment process

Our in-house expert implantologists, Dr Pranay Sharma and Dr Nayeem Ali will first assess your mouth and take a CT scan of your jaw area. This is to ensure that you have sufficient bone tissue for an implant and to be able to plan the implant with pinpoint accuracy.

Then Pranay or Nayeem will insert the metal post into your jaw and once completed, (which may take a few months to heal) they will attach an abutment to the implant and connect the implant to the replacement tooth. A temporary crown may be put in place while your permanent crown is made. Finally, your permanent crown will be attached to the implant.


Is the treatment painful?

Most people don’t experience any discomfort during the procedure as a local anesthesia is used during the surgery. You may however experience little discomfort after as your mouth is healing, which can be easily managed by pain relief.

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