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5 summer sugar swaps

12th June 2020

Summer has finally arrived and as we’re all still spending a lot of time at home, in the garden or picnicking in parks, we may be more inclined to let healthy food choices slip slightly and reach for the ice-lollies and cocktails to try and compensate for the lack of summer holidays this year. Now, we would never dream of telling you not to enjoy summer treats (especially this year!), just try to be conscious of your choice of snack and give these sugar swaps a try instead.

Sugar swap 1: ice cream for yogurt

We all scream for ice cream – especially dentists this summer! Summer might be the prime time for ice cream, with ice cream vans on every corner however swap it for plain or Greek yogurt topped with fresh summer berries.

Sugar swap 2: soda for fruit water

It’s no secret that fizzy drinks are terrible for your teeth. You may have seen those horrifying videos of teeth dissolving in cola (we shudder to even think about this!) so it’s no surprise that one can of cola contains 35g of sugar, around 12 sugar cubes! This summer swap fizzy drinks with fruit infused water as they are low in sugar and super hydrating. Try to go easy on citrus fruits as the acid in lemons and limes can be harsh on your teeth.

Bonus: Pitchers of infused water will also look beautiful on your table.

Sugar swap 3: ice lollies for frozen watermelon

Some of your favourite ice-lollies are the worst sugar culprits, for example a Twister lolly has 20g of sugar. Now we’re not saying to empty your freezer and not enjoy any ice-lollies, but try to be mindful about how many you’re having. Occasionally swap them for frozen slices of watermelon for a refreshing snack that will help cool you down.

Sugar swap 4: flavoured water for coconut water

Flavoured water might seem healthier than fizzy drinks, however a small bottle can contain 40g of sugar (almost 10 teaspoons!!) which is more than a can of cola. Make sure to check the labels before consuming or switch to coconut water. Coconut water is naturally sweet, however it’s high in minerals and antioxidants and only contains around 10g of sugar per glass.

Sugar swap 5: blended frozen coffee for iced latte

A large frozen blended coffee (without any extra whipped cream) can contain around 17 teaspoons of sugar, which is more than twice your recommended daily allowance! Swap this for an iced latte instead, which will still give you a coffee jolt but with a lot less sugar!

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