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5th April 2023

Cavity Fight 1: chewing gum

You might have fallen into the habit of popping a sugar-free chewing gum after meals. We’re happy to tell you that not only will your breath feel fresher, chewing sugar-free gum increases the flow of saliva, thereby reducing plaque acid, strengthening the teeth, and reducing decay.

Cavity Fight 2: cheese

Gouda news cheese lovers. The calcium in the cheese (along with most calcium-packed foods like yogurt, milk, broccoli etc) helps to ward off cavities by strengthening tooth enamel. Can you brie-lieve it?

Cavity Fight 3: wholegrains

If you kick start your day with a bowl of whole-grain cereal, you could be unknowingly keeping cavities at bay. Whole-grain foods are packed with magnesium, which works to keep the protective layer of the tooth enamel strong, and vitamin E, which also reduces inflammation and in turn, lowers the likelihood of developing gum disease.

Cavity Fight 4: eating crunching vegetables

Eating unprocessed, crunchy vegetables not only help your overall health but the pressure and chewing required by eating will keep you jaw and oral muscles strong. Furthermore, the fibrous texture of these veggies makes for a very effective natural teeth cleaner, but don’t abandon the floss just yet.

Cavity Fight 5: using straws

Eco-straws have blown up in recent years for environmental reasons but being green and sustainable in your daily life can also help you sustain a healthy mouth. Drinking sugary, acidic drinks can harm your teeth, as the sugar feeds the bacteria in the mouth and greatly increases the risk of cavities, while the acid weakens the enamel, making it even easier for bacteria to wreak havoc. However, when drinking through a straw, less of the liquid and thereby the sugar and acid, come in contact with your teeth.

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