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Specialist in Orthodontics GDC No: 76562
BDS(Hons.), MFDS RCS(Ed.), M.Sc, M.Orth RCS(Ed.), FDS Orth RCS(Ed.), FCGDent, FHEA

Dr Sharma qualified as a dentist at Guy’s Dental Hospital in 1999 obtaining his Bachelor of Dental Surgery Degree with Distinction and his postgraduate dental fellowship from the Royal College of surgeons from Edinburgh in 2001.

He went on to complete a three-year full-time specialist orthodontic training program at The Royal London Hospital. During this period he obtained a Master of Science degree in Orthodontics from the University of London achieving a distinction for his research thesis and subsequently went on to complete his Membership in Orthodontics from the Royal College of surgeons of Edinburgh.

Dr Sharma has been practising orthodontics exclusively since 2002 working part-time in our private practice and the rest of his time as Hospital consultant / Senior Clinical Lecturer in Orthodontics at the Royal London Hospital Dental Institute / Queen Mary’s School of Medicine and Dentistry, London. He is heavily involved in teaching undergraduate Dental students and training postgraduates in Orthodontics, including those training to become hospital consultants.

As a hospital consultant he is also involved in treating patients presenting with complex malocclusions including those requiring Jaw surgery. Dr Sharma has published numerous articles in peer – reviewed journals and presented his research at national and international orthodontic conferences and meetings.  In 2020 he was awarded the prestigious B.F. and Helen E. Dewel Award for Clinical Research from the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dento-facial Orthopaedics.

He is on the Specialist Register (orthodontics) of the General Dental Council and is a member of the World federation of orthodontists, American Association of Orthodontics and the British & European Orthodontic Societies.

As an orthodontic specialist Dr Sharma accepts referrals for all ranges of orthodontic problems affecting adults and children including orthognathic surgery and where appropriate provides treatment utilizing a variety of orthodontic appliances including: cosmetic ‘tooth coloured’ braces, self-ligating braces, lingual braces (braces placed on the inside of the teeth) and Invisalign (clear aligner’s).

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