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8 reasons to visit the hygienist

5th February 2020

At CGDP, we are passionate about dental health and hygiene as it is at the heart of everything we provide. Maintaining a healthy mouth is paramount to preventing long-term dental and general health problems. Our dental hygienists work hand in hand with our dentists, and they are dedicated to providing a healthy, happy smile to every patient.

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4 in-flight oral hygiene tips

2nd August 2016

It’s August and it seems that everyone and their cat are jetting off to a lovely beach resort somewhere & making the rest of us stuck at our desks extremely envious of their yet another ‘hot dogs or legs’ picture by the pool! If you’re one of these lucky people planning a trip somewhere far-far away, or got a big business trip planned, these in-flight travel teeth tips are great to make sure you avoid ‘plane breath’ – yep, you know what we’re talking about!

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Wisdom Teeth 101 & FAQs

18th July 2016

Wisdom teeth become all the talk amongst people aged around 17-25 and for good reason. Suddenly more teeth start popping up, may be causing pain, more trips to the dentist than usual and not forgetting the hilarious viral YouTube videos showing people after their wisdom teeth extractions. We as dentists get many questions on the wise subject (get it?!) and about how to deal with the new incoming teeth and therefore we thought this blog post will clearly explain everything you need to know:

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Keeping your toothbrush clean

6th June 2016

No matter how well your oral hygiene is, if the toothbrush you’re using is overrun with bacteria, mold & decaying food particles, it’s very hard to have good oral health & fresh breath. Therefore using a clean toothbrush in a good condition is essential, so we have highlighted some key tips to ensure that your brush is in the best state it can be:

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